Evolving Research Communities

NIS networks are virtual research communities sharing common research interests
Networks are virtual research communities dedicated to the study of one aspect of education. Headed by a network chair, the communities will come together for sessions in the context of the annual NIS International Research-to-Practice Conference.

  1. Educational Change and Innovation
  2. Leadership in Education
  3. Curriculum and Subject Disciplines
  4. Multilingual Education
  5. Early Childhood and Primary Education
  6. Teaching and Learning
  7. Teacher Education and Professional Development
  8. Practitioner Research
  9. Quality Assurance
  10. Assessment, Evaluation, Testing and Measurement
  11. Student Welfare and Pastoral Care
  12. Educational Resources
  13. Family, Communities and Society
  14. Research Practice and Ethics

The networks for the KERA International Conferences are as follows:

  1. Curriculum Innovation
  2. Trilingual Education
  3. Inclusive Education
  4. Educational Assessment and Measurement
  5. Teacher Education
  6. Society, Community and Family
  7. Ethnopedagogy and the History of Education
  8. Educational Policy
  9. Preschool, Primary and Secondary Education
  10. Technical and Professional Education
  11. Higher Education